Equity and Inclusion Leadership Toolkit: Faculty Retention and Advancement

As the old HR adage goes, “train people well enough so that they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” As a matter of cost effectiveness, it is easier on institutions to retain than recruit. Retention begins with the recruitment process: Are we demonstrating that we are a place where one can thrive in their career and at life? Once people are here, do we work up to that expectation? Beyond the tenure process, are we offering faculty opportunities to advance and lead?

Best Practices for Retention and Advancement

  • Retention starts with new faculty onboarding – Help New Faculty Settle In (ADVANCE Program University of Michigan).
  • Retention efforts continue after the hire – See this handbook for retention efforts after the search (University of Washington)
  • How does UNC Charlotte handle retention requests? See this slide from their New Administrators Orientation. (PS. UNCC has an ADVANCE grant!)
  • Why you should coach women faculty to full professors – read more here.

Understanding Barriers to Retention and Advancement